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Our Terms and Conditions have been updated for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance on May 22, 2018.


By purchasing or using one of the items provided by dlpcm-group.com (The Site) you indicate that you read and you agree with our  updated Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions below:


Premium - WordPress Themes License
  • Our WordPress Themes are licensed GPL.
  • With each active license purchased you are entitle to automatic updates and free support for 1 site (domain).
  • You may remove footer credits.
Premium - HTML Templates & Ghost Themes License
  • You are licensed to use the theme/template on 1 domain for yourself or for a client.
  • You can create a website for a client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client.
  • You must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the theme/template.
  • If the whole, or part, of the theme/template has been created using materials which are the subject of a GNU General Public License (GPL), your use of the Work (or part Work) is subject to the specific terms of the GPL in place of the foregoing conditions (to the extent the GPL applies).
  • You may remove footer credits.
Premium - All Items Package License
  • “All Items Package” is a membership plan where you have yearly full access to all of our premium products (HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, Ghost Themes, plugins, scripts etc).
  • The licenses for each type of product still apply ( see above WordPress Themes LicenseHTML Templates and Ghost Themes license), the only difference being the unlimited number of domains that you can use the items on.
  • You may use the themes & plugins that you already downloaded during your membership on unlimited sites (domains), for personal, commercial or client projects.
  • After your subscription has expired you are no longer entitled to automatic updates, support and access to new themes but you may continue to legally use the previous downloaded versions.
  • You may cancel or renew your membership if you want to have continuous access to updates, support or new released products.
  • You must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the “All Items Package”.
  • You may remove footer credits.
Freebies License
  • Our free items have a dedicated license  here.
  • No support can be claimed for free items, the product is used as is.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your item purchase which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. However, since our company is offering non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do have a few conditions to protect ourselves from bad faith claims.

Buyers are eligible for a refund if the item does not work as advertised in demo. If DLPCM team fails to correct the technical problem within 24 hours from the date of the initial notification provided by the customer, the refund will be issued to the customer in full. The customer should allow the team to adequately help and assist them in order to solve the issue.

Complaints which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes are not honored. Please, read carefully if the item is the right choice for your needs before purchasing or contact us.

Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days no refunds can be processed.

We do not issue refunds for “All Items Package” & “Installation Services”.

Theme Compatibility

Our premium items are designed to function properly with the latest technology.

New WordPress upgrades are accompanied by theme updates in a short time, until then users are not recommended to update the new WordPress version released.

We cannot guarantee the compatibility of our themes with all third party software and plugins. We are not responsible for any incompatibility issues with other plugins. While it is our policy to support as best as we can our products, we will provide 3rd party conflicts support when time allows and at our discretion.


Our premium items are updated on a regular basis to maintain compatibility with the latest technology and platform versions. DLPCM-group.com is not obliged to update the themes with new features, functions, design etc. (although this does happen) but to insure compatibility inside the platform upon which they’re created.

Our WordPress themes can be  automatically updated within your WordPress dashboard.


Please submit a support ticket  here. This is the only way to be sure that our staff will respond directly to your issue.

While we work hard to provide support for our themes, it’s important that you know what we can and can’t help with and what we do and don’t do. It’s frustrating when things are going wrong, and knowing where to look for support makes this a little less stressful.

What We Do
  • Provide support for branded DLPCM Themes: support covers making your website looke like the demo if  theme installation was also purchased.
  • Respond to requests in the order in which they are received.
  • Help with clarifying the information contained in the theme documentation so that you can understand how to get the theme set up like the demo.
  • Appreciate courteous communication. Our staff is always working on ensuring that support is available to all customers as quickly as possible and while we understand that you may be frustrated or in a hurry, we all appreciate courteous and professional communication. Our staff will never be rude or abrupt with you, and we would very much appreciate the same respect. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • Value being given the benefit of the doubt. We have your best interest and the success of your website as our first priority. While it may take some time to respond to support requests, please know that our staff is working as hard as we can to make sure that all of our customers are happy customers.
  • We do our best work when we are provided with a support ticket that contains information about the error, steps that we can take to duplicate the error, and steps that you’ve already taken. This helps us identify the problems more quickly and then respond to them appropriately. Our staff may ask for the following information in order to help you:Your WordPress credentials (username and passwords), FTP account details, Screenshots of the errors or issues.
What We Don’t Do
  • Although we understand that WordPress attracts users of all experience levels, we do not own WordPress and simply build themes that operate on that, and other, platforms. You can obtain WordPress support here by using the WordPress support forums, and you can read the WordPress codex here for detailed documentation on the platform and how it works.
  • Provide support for issues arising from the use of third-party plugins. While we understand that the functionality of WordPress can be greatly extended through the use of plugins, we provide support only for our themes. If you need support for an issue related to a third-party plugin, please refer your questions and support requests to the plugin developer.
  • Provide support for customization. While we do provide paid customizations, we do not provide this service as a free support service. You’re more than welcome to submit a request for this service using the support ticket system and we’ll get right back in touch with you.
  • Provide support for browsers not supported by our themes. As of April 2014, Microsoft is no longer providing support for Internet Explorer 8, and we will not provide support for issues arising with that browser.
  • Become your employee when you purchase one of our items. Issues that are appropriate for this support system are issues that prevent the item from working as it does in the live demo. We do reserve the right to close any tickets that are rude or abusive without response.

Support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EET (UTC+2:00). Support requests are answered in order received.


We have partnered with Impact Radius to provide you with a market leading performance-advertising campaign. We pay you 30% of each sale you generate. The referral period is 30 days. More details can be read in the  affiliate program page.

We discourage dishonest sales tactics and we pay attention to each transaction. If we have any reason to suspect fraud the affiliate will not be paid and the account will be closed.

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